The Smartest Ai Sales CRM Ever for

Data Analysis

Analyze your business's social media, leads, and sales data in one dashboard.

Leads Management

Manage every stage of leads and have completed done for your automation.

Sales Automation

Automate all sales follow ups, voicemails, calls, texts and emails.

Kenji is created by

Experts in online


As we're creating Kenji, our idea in mind is: How do our Kenji users close more deals with the least amount of work on their side. Therefore saving them time and money.

Feature #1

Place Yourself At The Top OF Your Marketing

You will have a complete 360 Birdseye view over all aspects of your social media campaigns, leads coming in, conversations, reviews, and more.

In increased revenue due to Kenji's smart system.

134k+ Increase Estimated

Customize it Yourself

Gone are the days where you just get the CRM they give you. Well, with Kenji, you can customize it how you like it. Reach to support of for any added features.

Our System

Marketing Department

We've been creating and running social media, google search and video ads for the last 20 years. So if you're Kenji is empty, you can be assured we're ready to be put to test:

  • Website/funnel design and analytics

  • Social Media Lead Generation Campaigns Creation

  • In-house Virtual Assistants


Manage Your Ads

Integrate your facebook or Google to Kenji Easily.


Target Ads

Segment and target different ads for different services.


Web Analytics

Complete overview of your website analytics and results from sales.


Link Building

Generate SEO creditability with our tools for review management and SEO Services.


Media Promotion

Get your online ads created by experts for over 20 years in the marketing space.


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