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How To Make 10K/Month as A Kenji Affiliate

December 31, 2021β€’3 min read

Running a business can be overwhelming discover Kenji CRM the project managing, website builder, invoice sending client-wowing Payment Processing 1-Stop Shop for any business.

I get this question very often and its:

How/where do I start making money online and start learning about marketing?

The first thing I did when I started was promoted a product that already existed and had sales pages and the whole system set up. We have the same program now on my Kenji CRM software.

We wanted to offer you newcomers, bloggers, vloggers, influencers, and hustlers the opportunity to partner up with us and receive the following compensation.

The commission is 35% On every account you sign up for and also whatever we charge them for text credits which are the following prices below:

Text charges

Let's do some simple math here.

Say you get 10 subscribers/accounts signed up at $105/month each which equals to $1100/month. Now imagine having 100 subscribers and bringing in well over $11,200 a month no including any upsells or any messaging credits.

Although it's not necessary to get a Kenji account, we do believe that if you have the software for yourself, you will have more knowledge and drive more sales.

Click here to get your special deal and get signed up with our affiliate program automatically.

Click here to sign up for affiliate program only

So here are 3 Solid Ways to Get You 100 Subscribers in less than 90 days.

  1. Facebook business groups

  2. Ome.TV meet random strangers and ask them business questions

  3. Buy click/traffic from people who own email list in business niche

Facebook groups: Business Facebook groups have gotten very popular over the last few year.

Here is how I get subscribers on Facebook groups.

step 1. Search for "business groups.

step 2. Check for any people that post needing a website, phone system or all in one solution

step 3. Provide them with a valuable answer to their question or their request

step 4. Send them your affiliate link for them to sign up.

Step 5. Follow up with them to make sure they sign up and have their questions answered.


This is a video chat free service that can be installed on your on e or phone your computer. It allows you to meet random people on there. Of course, its a numbers game so you will go through some shady, weird people before landing a solid prospect but its a fun way to get clients and partners.

This is a marketplace to purchase traffic from other affiliate marketers and online marketers out there. Usually, you can purchase $0.40 cents clicks that are highly targeted and only top tier which means from the United States only. Click here to learn more about Udimi.

In conclusion, the more click you get on your link the more sales you're expected to make. Building relationships with clients can also ensure your monthly residual commissions. In honest truth, you can use these 3 methods to make way over 10k/month but let's assume you're lazy then 10k/month is the bare minute. Down below write down your goal on how much you plan to make.

Affiliate program make money onlinemake over 10k/month online
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