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Email Templates vs Email Campaigns

September 15, 2023β€’1 min read

In email marketing, everybody speaks about layouts, designs, campaigns, messages, code, and templates. An important difference is that Email Templates, which are reusable layouts, and Email Campaigns, which are your individual email messages.

Email Marketing makes it possible to reuse campaign designs (users will be able to make the duplicate templates) or replicate existing campaigns but you should put reusable content in templates and message-specific content in campaigns.

A template is a preset layout that you build your campaign on.

You can also create your own template to match your brand. You can even insert regularly used images, videos, logos, or recurring content into your template, and reuse it for future campaigns.

A campaign is the email message you design and send to your specific contacts or a smartlist.

After you select a template, you'll design your campaign on top of the template layout. In Email Builder, you can duplicate, delete, and rearrange different types of element blocks quickly.

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