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"Kenji is disrupting the sales industry" - Tech Bullion

Kenji is a lot more than just a CRM it's where business happen and growth becomes the essence of using Kenji.

“When I got into Kenji it was like a breeze of fresh air that I don't have to pay 4 other companies monthly subscriptions anymore. ”

- Matthew Jeanis - Consultant

2-Two Way Text/Email Conversations

Talk to your leads through text or email all on Kenji with no hassle over our mobile app or your laptop!

Fully Optimized CRM

This CRM is unlike any other, depending on the stage the lead in, they could receive personal email based on stage or information provided.

Review Management Reputation

Reviews are what gets you more organic traffic and more sales, request reviews from Kenji and track all reviews, google analytics, facebook ads analytics and more.

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+ Free Monthly 700 texts/ 500 Call Min


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Here's why:

The Fonder

About Yousif Alias

Hi, Yousif Alias

Yousif Alias is a 27-year-old immigrant who has overcome many obstacles to achieve success in the business world. Over the past 12 years, he has worked in marketing and has gained valuable experience in client management. However, despite his hard work and dedication, he often struggled to effectively manage his clients and found it difficult to keep up with their needs and demands.

Determined to find a solution to this problem, Yousif began researching the latest technologies in client management. It was during this research that he discovered an AI-powered client management system that promised to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their clients.

Intrigued by this innovative technology, Yousif decided to give it a try and was immediately impressed by the results. With the help of this system, he was able to automate many of the tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with client management, freeing up more time for him to focus on building relationships and growing his business.

Thanks to the AI-powered client management system, Yousif was able to streamline his operations and improve his overall efficiency, resulting in increased productivity and profitability. He also found that clients were more satisfied with the level of service they received, as the AI system was able to provide them with personalized and timely responses to their queries.

Today, Yousif is a successful business owner and a respected industry leader, thanks in large part to the innovative technology that he discovered. He is passionate about sharing his story and the benefits of AI-powered client management with others in the business community, and is always looking for new ways to improve and grow his business.


+ Free Monthly 700 texts/ 500 Call Min


+ Free Monthly 2000 texts/ 1600 Call Min

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Kenji is 100% Design Friendly and Flexable

Create your own automation bots within Kenji and allow automation to save you time.

Create automated chats to book appointments to reduce time spent talking to clients.

I used Kenji to automate my follow up on SMS and Email and I saw a 75% and an increase in bookings. I;ve also utilized the Voice drop follow up feature to book some call.

Chris Joshua

CEO at Digi Media

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